I'm a rooster illusion. (getyourguns) wrote in marvel_casts,
I'm a rooster illusion.

[fanmix] Irresistible Force: The Avengers (2012)

Title: Irresistible Force
Author/Artist: getyourguns
Rating: T
Summary: I loved the Avengers rock soundtrack released but I kept hearing songs that I wanted to add to it so I figured I might as well make my own. I think of this as a sort of companion to it - if you like the bands/music on that, this is very similar.
Disclaimer/Author's note: See links on the bottom for Tumblr link and related fanmixes. Join the comm to see all music uploads and fanmixes. Thanks!

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DOWNLOAD HERE @ illphantasm
Tags: m: the avengers, rating: pg-13, type: fanmix
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